Personal training or coaching for a fee at the YMCA
is provided by YMCA employees only. As examples,
this includes fitness training, swim coaching, and
sports coaching. Trainers and coaches that are not
employed by the YMCA are prohibited from providing
training and coaching services at the YMCA for a fee
to members or participants.

Due to liability issues and member experience
concerns, the YMCA requires all trainers & coaches
working within the building to be employed by the
YMCA, maintain certification through a nationally
recognized organization and meet specific academic
requirements essential for quality personal training
and coaching.

An individual may be viewed as personal training/
coaching if he/she is:

    • receiving payment for an exercise or coaching session
    • designing a program or workout
    • providing exercise, sports, or swim technique

Failure to comply with the Fee-Based Training and Coaching Policy is in direct violation of YMCA policy
and may result in suspension or termination of YMCA
membership/guest privileges.

Policy Reference cited from YMCA of the USA,


The YMCA cannot adequately control the quality of
training or coaching from individuals that are not
employed by the YMCA. These individuals may not
have adequate academic background, ability, training
or experience to correctly train members. The YMCA
is limited in its ability to regulate outside trainers in
order to prevent or correct potential erroneous
information or technique passed on to members.

Individuals not employed by the YMCA have not
been trained by the YMCA on staff policies and
procedures and therefore are unauthorized trainers
in YMCA facilities. Additionally, they have not
completed a full background check which is required
of all YMCA employees.

A legal liability arises for the YMCA if we are aware
of outside trainers & coaches working within the
YMCA, and profiting from the use of YMCA’s
equipment and facilities without consent violates the
YMCA’s non-profit status as a 501(c)3 organization.

The use of the YMCA for outside training &
coaching is in direct competition with the training
and coaching services that the YMCA offers.