YMCA Conduct Guide

All members and guests of the YMCA of McDonough County have a responsibility to behave properly while on the YMCA premises. A person’s behavior may not: 1) Be inappropriate to the situation. 2) Interfere with the safety of others. 3) Interfere with other member’s/guests’ enjoyment and use of the facility. 4) Show lack of respect for the rights of others. 5) Damage YMCA or personal property.

Infractions such as: Foul language or disrespect  toward staff, members, or guests; excessive horseplay; entering age restricted areas (listed below), will result in disciplinary measures being taken. Removal of membership/guest privileges may result if behavior fails to improve.

Infractions such as: Any of the behavior listed above and including violence; fighting; theft; damage to property; gang representation or activity; the possession, use, or sale of drugs; or any type of harassment; will result in:

  • The member/guest being directed to leave the building immediately.
  • Filing of an Incident Report by staff member.
  • Immediate suspension of YMCA privileges.
  • Where warranted, criminal prosecution.

It is understood that a member’s/guest’s participation is at the discretion of the YMCA.